Combining the rich traditions of the Isle of Man with the varied sounds of synth pop and Eurofolk, Elizabeth Davidson-Blythe & Daniel Quayle have forged a sound that is both dramatic and compelling.

Since the release of their debut album, The Coast Road, in 2022, the duo has been invigorating audiences, bringing their distinctive sound to festivals across Europe and picking up new influences along the way.

Whether they’re burning through reels, or setting the scene for a meditative air, audiences are enraptured by their fresh new take on a musical tradition like no other.

"guaranteed to warm the absolute chilliest of cockles" - Oz Hardwick, R'n'R Magazine ★★★

"impressive debut album" - Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman ★★★★

"very viable contenders on the world stage" - Kevin Bourke, Songlines Magazine ★★★

"when you've caught your breath you'll probably want to hear it all again" - Alex Monaghan, FolkWorld

"With a opener like this, I’m dying to hear what the next chapter will bring…" - Make Latvanen, FolkNotes

"simply exhilarating" - Darren Johnson, Darren's Music Blog

"what a hell of an album The Coast Road is" - Mick Tems, Folk Wales Online Magazine

"two bright and inspired talents" - Mike Ainscoe, At the Barrier